Developer Information-

My wife and I live in tornado alley and when storms come they can be violent. Seeing all the damage first hand and some of these storms can pack a punch and the stories of people being trapped not knowing if they were going to get out alive inspired us to develop this concept. It took years to develop our vision. 

       The name of the concept has been chosen as a SafeTPins. This user friendly application is designed for First Responders. They will have vital information at their finger tips during disasters. Professional rescue teams will be able to save time during search missions and save Lives safer. 

We feel passionately about our idea, application and believe in the positive impact it will have on people lives and theirs peace of mind.

It is our privilege and honor to help all who help us all in times of emergency.  


"SafeTPins" Protected by United States Patent and Trademark Office, Copy Right 2016.