By providing your address and name you will allow First Responders to identify your location on a Google Map.

(you will be able to see and verify image of your home and confirm it).

How many people to look for?

  • Next screen you will be asked to place color coded pin over the front door and confirm it.

2) Is there a gas or propane meter?

  • If “Yes” than on the next screen you will be asked to place Yellow Gas Sign over the meter location/shut off valve.
  • If “No” No action will be taken.

3) Is there shelter on property?

    (can be hidden place inside of the house as well as outside).

  • If “Yes” on the next screen you will be asked to place orange shield over shelter location.
  • If “No” you will be asked to place Red Pin over potential refuge place.

By selecting “Basement” letter “B” will appear on Rescue side and will lead them to the locations of orange Shield.

By selecting “Handicap”, Handicap sign will appear on Rescue side of app.

By selecting “Pets” letter “P” will let rescuers know that pets are to be looked for.

Just by answering above questions you give First responders all important and necessary information on location of disaster, enable them to disarm potential danger such as gas or propane, prevent possible explosions and last but most important safely bring people out of danger from wherever they mite be according shelter location.

Saving time –Saving lives.